What Will You Leave?
& What Will You Take?

What will you leave in the past and what will you take into your future?

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth…”
(John 16:13)

Throughout scripture God is very specific in communicating what one should carry into His Promise of a new life.

  • He tells Abraham to leave his entire family, even Lot.

  • He told Noah to bring only two of each animal.

  • The Israelites fled Egypt without leavened bread or food.

  • And the younger generation of Israelites entered into Canaan without their ancestors.

In each of these examples, something had to be left behind in order to enter into God’s promise.

After years of carrying baggage of the past at some point you may ask yourself: “What will I leave and what will I take with me?”

Slowly, you begin to drop some bags as you progress through life. You'll leave bags at street corners. There are a few that you'll place in safety deposit boxes because of the valuable lessons learned from them.

You will even continue to take a few with you each day because some habits are hard to break.

Determining what to hold close to your heart as you grow into adulthood and continue to develop spiritually becomes more tolerable as time goes on.

It becomes bearable because the Spirit of truth guides you to truth.

When you welcome Spirit into your life, you are welcoming truth.

With this truth, you are better able to filter through all of the memories and habits of the past in order to determine which ones to leave behind and which ones to bring along with you.

Leaving unnecessary things and/or people behind is not an isolated event, but a progressively perpetual process.

The more open you are to Spirit, the more insight you will gain into this process as it best fits your life.

Allow God to shine His light of truth onto your baggage. This is the most effective way of learning what to leave in the past and what to take with you on your journey into greatness.


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