"Start Where You Are" Book Review

Book title:“Start Where You Are: Life Lessons in Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”
by Chris Gardner

Christopher Gardner, author of The Pursuit of Happyness, follows up his first book with Start Where You Are.

He offers forty-four lessons that can help you to get unstuck and moving forward again.

Lesson one is Mr. Gardner’s C-5 Complex: pursue your dream with a plan that is clear, concise, compelling, committed, and consistent.

Your dream is just a dream without a clearly defined goal that is focused, captivates others, ignites your passion, and calls you into consistency.

I’ve pulled so many powerful quotes from the pages of this book.

One such meaningful statement was, “It’s up to me and to you to empower ourselves enough to find whatever it is within our current situation that we can control, no matter how small it may be – and start there.” (p. 29)

Often times we think that there needs to be a colossal shift in the atmosphere causing our lives to come into alignment. But Mr. Gardner makes apparent that our primary resources for change are already at hand.

We can choose to perceive and respond to our situation differently.

The over-arching theme of this book is self-accountability. Our best bet is to take stock of where we are - and start there.

But one of my favorite of his lessons is “Lesson 14: Whose Child Are You?” When we identify who we are – in the now, we realize that we are valuable assets to the world we live in. All doubt and despondency fly out of the window when we value ourselves simply for being ourselves.

The author sprinkles life experiences and meaningful encounters with others into this witty, down-to-earth guide.

The final chapter lists key points for each lesson that can be used as a quick reference or refresher course.

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