What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is the process of widening one’s capacity to be increasingly aware of the inner movements of Spirit in one’s life.

A person might name the mystery of this movement the Divine, the Holy One, God, Holy Spirit, or another name that has significant meaning to the individual. Naming the mystery suggests that this inner movement is relational.

In fact, it is.

Opening to Spirit simply means that you are engaged in the process of noticing how and what it communicates to you. We all have the capacity to encounter the Holy – regardless of our belief system, nationality, gender, or other outwardly distinguishing qualities.

What Is the Function of a Spiritual Director?

A spiritual director accompanies you on this journey of inward exploration and growing discernment. Even though major transformation begins on the inside, this change, or resistance to it, manifests in every area of your life. Spiritual companions help you to listen and respond to these movements and how they apply to your daily life.

This work can be done in individual and group settings. Typically, you would meet a spiritual director once every 3-4 weeks, as determined by you and the director.

Everything that you share with your spiritual director will be held in strictest confidence. (The only exception is if it is believed that you might pose harm to yourself or someone else.)

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