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What is the Significance of Grace?

A Definition of Spirituality

Paths Towards Spiritual Development

What is Spiritual Direction?

All About Individual Spiritual Direction

About Group Spiritual Direction

Devotionals as Avenues for Christian Spiritual Growth

Christian Devotional Archives

Grace Devotions

Free by God's Grace

God Pardons Imperfections

Patience to Receive Grace

Putting God First

Depths of Christian Belief

Relying on God, not on Self

Belief, Faith, and Trust: Core of Christianity

Dismount the Merry-Go-Round and Step Into Purpose

Seasons Unbound by Time

Seasonal Holidays

Passover: A Celebration of Redemption

Resurrection Sunday: Epitome of Grace

Living Out Your Faith

Enduring Setbacks

Words We Speak

How Do You Regain Momentum After Losing Your Steam?


Connected to the True Vine

Listening to Spirit

The Gentle Whisper of Spirit

Listening to Sacred Movement


Are You Obedient of Afraid?

What Will You Leave in the Past and What Will You Take Into the Future?

Dealing with Doubt

Doubt Caused by Ghosts of the Past

Doubt Stemmed from Fear of the Unknown

Doubt and Anger

Doubting Present Progress

Spirituality & Religion

Spirituality & Psychology

How Do You Change the Way You Think?

Responding to the Painful Emotion of Grief

Jungian Psychology: A Search for the Spirit Within

Christians Can Seek Psychotherapy

Wellness & Spirituality

Child Weight Management Tips for Christian Parents

Understanding Infertility

Four Foods to Help Combat Infertility

Female Infertility Causes

Male Infertility Causes

How are Christians to Handle the Struggles of Infertility?

Uplifing Quotes Help Change the Words We Speak

Quotes about Spirituality

Life Quotes

Book Reviews

You're Not Alone: A Story of a Woman Freed by God's Grace

Excuses Begone

Pregnancy Miracle eBook

Start Where You Are

The Shift

Original Mandala and Abstract Artwork

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