Original Paper Artwork: Spiritually Infused

Creating, whether it be through the performing arts, composing music, writing literature, or designing artwork, is a process that I believe originates from a place deep within. I consider the process to be more life-giving than the outcome. But I also think that the outcome is what can be shared with others as a source of inspiration, insight, or simply a reflection of love.

As I create, I typically listen to music or reflect on a poem or image that has lingered in my mind and spirit. Thus, my intention is not to design recognizable figures, but it is to bring into existence my interpretation of how Spirit moves within me. Enjoy.

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**All individually drawn original pieces of art**

Brief Product Descriptions:

“Mandala Series” greeting cards ::: These cards celebrate the conceptual essence of mandalas as spiritual meditation aides and symbols of unity, wholeness, and awareness.

“Abstract Series” greeting cards ::: Reflections of jazz or classical music played out in black and red ink.

Gem Magnets ::: Modern rectilinear and abstract designs

**Can be used as greeting cards or framed as unique wall art**

Thank you for viewing my original paper artwork!

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