Are You Obedient or Afraid?

“Then Saul admitted to Samuel, ‘Yes, I have sinned. I have disobeyed your instructions and the Lord’s command, for I was afraid of the people and did what they demanded…" (I Samuel 15:24)

No one ever wants to admit to this, but partial obedience is disobedience.

In the 15th chapter of I Samuel, Samuel addresses Saul’s tendency to interpret God’s instructions for his own benefit.

Saul was told to destroy the entire Amalekite nation, but instead, he destroyed everyone but the king and everything except the healthiest animals.

Initially, Saul justified his actions by stating that offering the animals as a sacrifice was more noble than being obedient.

But Samuel made it clear that being obedient to God was more important than burning an offering.

What’s interesting about Saul’s apology is that he stated that he was afraid of the people, so he did what they asked of him.

Who Was Saul Afraid Of?

If he was afraid of the Amalekites, wouldn’t he have spared the lives of everyone else in the Amalekite nation, not just the king? This can lead one to believe that he was afraid of his own army more than of his enemies.

He was afraid of those he kept near him.

How often do you ignore what Spirit is guiding you to do and instead give in to the desires and expectations of those around you?

Are you being obedient or are you afraid of what those around you will say and do to you if you obey God’s word?

Choosing disobedience caused Saul to fall out of the grace of God and lose his kingship.

Tuning out the voices of those closest to you can be difficult.

After all, those are the people who support and encourage you, right? Well, sometimes this is true.

What is important is that you surround yourself with people who sincerely want you to fulfill the will of God.

If you do this, listening to them will allow you to choose obedience with confidence instead of fear.

But keep in mind that the most important voice to listen to is the voice of God – in whatever way God uniquely communicates with you.

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