Male Infertility Causes

Quiet as it is kept; men also contribute to decreased odds of conceiving at a rate close to 50%.

This is not to place blame on men or women, but there are some signs of infertility in men as well.

Although age influences a man’s ability to aid in conception, the primary cause of infertility with men is either low sperm count or a lack of viable sperm altogether.

Medical history that should be taken into consideration is:

  • injuries, (surgeries, hernia, exposure to toxins, and nerve injuries)

  • excessive heat exposure, (damages the number and condition of sperm produced in the testes)

  • genetics, (such as abnormal sex chromosomes)

  • sexually transmitted diseases (Chlamydia, etc…)

  • frequency of sexual intercourse,
    (frequent intercourse can decrease sperm count and infrequent intercourse can dampen liveliness of the sperm) and,

  • use of stimulants (recreational drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication) are some influencing factors.

More information on Male Infertility

(Understand the common causes of male infertility that can make it difficult for a couple to conceive.)

As with female infertility, there are multiple factors that influence a man’s desired outcome of a successful pregnancy. This issue transcends race, religious beliefs, and socioeconomic status, but how do Christian couples reconcile infertility?

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