Individual Spiritual Direction:
What You Can Expect

Through spiritual direction, you engage in the process of deeper listening.

This can be done individually or within a group. Individuals who meet with a spiritual director are referred to as directees. Plainly, this means that you are one who is directed.

But it should be noted that the phrase, spiritual director is a bit misleading. This is because spiritual directors do not literally direct, or guide you down the road of your spiritual journey. During spiritual direction sessions, the director is God (Spirit, The Holy, The Mystery as you name it) and you are accompanied by the spiritual director.

So, we could say the God (Spirit, Mystery) guides you from within, and your spiritual director is there to help you discern nudges of the Spirit.

What Are the General Expectations?

Generally, you would meet with a spiritual director once every 3-4 weeks between 45-60 minutes each visit.

It is most typical to meet once a month but when you first begin to see your director, you may wish to meet more frequently (every 3 weeks), and then taper off to four weeks. If you are met with a particularly challenging period in your life, you may request to see your director more often then as well.

Meeting times vary and are determined at your discretion.

The Process of Spiritual Direction:
What Is Discussed?

Since your spiritual and lived experiences are one in the same, what you would bring to spiritual direction are any matters that you would like to explore more deeply.

You may want to discuss:

  • Relationships

  • Changes in vocation

  • Theology

  • Ways to approach prayer

  • Inner conflicts

  • Dreams

  • Personal development endeavors

  • Your approach to developing your faith, or any other topic that is significant to you and you feel invited to discuss.

The role of your spiritual director is to listen intently and without judgment. Rest assured that what you share is held in confidence. The spiritual director will invite you to listen more deeply, without explicit directives.

Spiritual Direction is a Fruitful Experience

Over time you will continue to grow in your relationship to Spirit. You might even notice that as you relate differently to Spirit, you will relate differently to yourself and all who you come in contact with as well.

This discernment process inevitably reveals to you your truest sense of self. You will come to know yourself more deeply, which will positively alter every other area of your life.

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