What is Group Spiritual Direction?

Similar to individual spiritual direction, the aim of group spiritual direction is to companion directees in the act of listening more deeply to the inner nudges of Spirit. In this case, though, the process is carried out in a group setting.

The dynamics of the direction session are a bit different. The spiritual director is involved in the group experience and only intervenes as a facilitator when necessary for the well-being of the group.

This means that all in attendance are present to the shared moment(s) – exchanging with one another, even when there is silence.

How else is Group Spiritual Direction Different from
Individual Spiritual Direction?

The sessions may last longer, depending on the structure of the meeting. They may also span over a number of days or weeks in the same vein as a retreat program.

In group spiritual direction sessions there is open discussion amongst all participants. All who are present are valuable contributors. By nature, some individuals in the group will speak more than others, but the art of spiritual direction is not confined to spoken words.

Prayer, gestures, eye contact, and other nonverbal forms of communication offer support to the group as a whole. It is important to remember that in both group and individual direction sessions, movement is constant and is often undetectable by others.

It helps to be mindful that regardless of what is said or done Spirit moves each of us differently, and it is a gift to engage in that process with others.

Points to Keep in Mind
in Group Spiritual Direction Settings

Mindful compassion is a primary factor in making it a rich experience for all who are involved.

Practice mutual respect and confidentiality of what is shared within the group.

Group spiritual direction is not group therapy. The sessions are spirit-focused, not problem-focused. Group members should not offer resolutions but help you to listen more deeply.

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