Enduring Setbacks

Enduring setbacks through the grace of God is mentioned in the verse below.

"For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise." (Hebrews 10:36, KJV)

It is not easy being a Christian. So much of what you do contradicts that which is done in mainstream society.

Engaging in prayer or meditating on scripture is not the typical response to coping with the recession or maybe even the loss of a loved one.

Through faith, you can practice endurance by taking small steps in the direction that you feel God is leading you. In this direction, you patiently wait for God to keep His promise.

The waiting period can be agonizing.

But it might serve you well to compare those feelings of angst to what you would potentially feel if you leapt backwards and adopted old ways of doing things.

Personal Example

For instance, if I am hurt by a negative encounter with a close friend, I would feel much better if I fast and/or pray while seeking God's direction than if I were to revert back to my old habit of overeating.

In this example, I would exercise restraint by refraining from activities that provide a temporary fix.

Instead of numbing from reality, I would engage more fully in my relationship with God so that there is no interference when He communicates with me.

I would be best served by going inward to meet Him as opposed to reaching beyond myself in an attempt to replace Him.

God’s Enduring Presence

When you grow to thank God for being present at all times, you develop the inner strength to resist reverting back to old habits.

God’s love endures all things, even things that feel threatening to you and me.