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Grace Devotions

God's grace seems complex, but once the value of the word is understood it can profoundly change your life.

God pardons imperfections. They are not barriers to our spiritual maturity, but avenues towards spiritual maturity.

Accepting grace invites you to exercise patience. Developing a relationship with God causes one to go through many internal and external changes. Learning to patiently endure waiting on God to work in and around you can seem dreadful. Will you patiently receive grace?

Putting God First

The depths of belief and trust are intimidating, but attainable. Read more.

Relying on God and not on self should be our primary goal.

At the heart of the matter is belief, faith, and trust.

Dismounting the merry-go-round of immediacy in order to step into Divine purpose.

It is possible to feel as though you are steeped in one particular season for an unusually long time. Just when the sun starts to peek out, clouds come folding back in.

Seasonal Holidays

Passover is a celebration of redemption. It is an event that can deepen our awareness of and reverence for God as our protector and redeemer.

Celebrate Resurrection Sunday and reflect on its meaning in your life.

Living out Your Faith

Enduring setbacks is no simple task, but leads us down the right path.

The words we speak have a long-term influence on our lives.

What's next after losing your steam? What happens when your momentum wanes?


Through connection to the true vine, we are fruitful.

Listening to Spirit

The gentle whisper of Spirit is a tool of discernment, particularly in the face of adversity.

Listening to the sacred movement of Spirit. Through spiritual movement, Spirit guides us to our true purpose and nature.


Are you obedient to the nudges of Spirit or afraid of being obedient?

What will you leave in the past and what will you take into your future?

Dealing with Doubt

Doubt stemming from ghosts of the past can stifle your present growth.

Doubt due to fear of the unknown is human nature, but it does not have to be crippling.

Doubt and anger: challenges are the building blocks of faith.

Doubting the present causes regression.


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