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Grace is a word that I have heard used in various contexts. Whether it was within a home, school, or church environment, it seemed to me a casual term.

The meaning of this word did not deeply resonate with me until a couple years ago when I took a course on the subject.The instructor was great and the reading materials were insightful, but what was most profound for me was making the inner connection.

I began to understand that grace applied to my life, not just those who preached about grace or appeared to lead flawless lives, but it applied to my life as well.

For this reason, grace, to me, is everything.

It reminds me that I can be human; I can make mistakes. Things may not always work out in my favor, and it’s okay. I am still showered with the unconditional love and mercy of God regardless of the outcome.
Woman Thinking about Grace is my way of sharing a journey towards fully embracing the grace of God. The significance of grace is that it causes us to transform into our most authentic selves.

Woman Receiving Grace

Spiritual and personal growth is inevitable when we discover and accept this gift called grace.

When we believe that we have been given this gift, we then realize how important we are to God.

We were each designed as His masterpiece. God didn’t create some of us with the thought, “Wow, this is good.” He responded, “Wow, this is good!” after creating each of us.

“God saved you by His grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:8,10)

The focus of Graciously is spiritual formation.

Spiritual formation contributes to holistic development through nurturing inner discernment, incorporating spiritual practices into one’s life, and then infusing both discernment and practice into one’s daily approach to life.

Such an approach is nourished by an ever-deepening connection with Spirit.

This site is offered as a resource for helping you to heal through your past as well as navigate daily challenges by developing a strong relationship with Spirit.

Here you can find articles on various spiritual formation topics, such as, spiritual development, spirituality versus religion, spirituality and health, devotionals, spiritual direction, dreams, and more.

As you faithfully journey towards spiritual growth, these are some of the treasures you will find along the way:

  • Divine purpose

  • Self-confidence

  • Healing

  • Revelation, and

  • Guidance

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Significance of Grace
The significance of grace and how fully grasping the concept of grace can potentially impact one's spiritual journey is discussed on this page.
Definition of Spirituality
A definition of spirituality is offered as one perspective for readers to consider.
Devotional Home Page
A devotional is a form of worship that aids in Bible study and helps to enhance spiritual life, thus fostering transformation.
Devotional Archives
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Spiritual Development
Spiritual development can be as simple as building relationship with Spirit through study, activities, and quiet time.
Spirituality vs. Religion | Or is it Spirituality vs. Institutionalization of Re
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Spirituality, Psychology and Related Thoughts and Behaviors
Spirituality and psychology are both manifestations of our lived experience through thoughts and behaviors.
Spirituality and Health | How are they related?
Spirituality and health go hand-in-hand.
Uplifting Quotes
Uplifting quotes help guide the words we speak so that we begin to live fuller lives by speaking them into existence.
Book Reviews | Materials that have helped me on my journey towards change.
Whether they are Christian book reviews, professional book reviews or any category in between, my goal is to provide you with references that will help you to reflect, process, and change.
About | Healing by the Grace of God was created for those who wish to explore the gift of grace in their spiritual formation journey.
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Spiritual Direction | What is Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual Direction presents you with the opportunity to explore and reflect upon the spiritual journey of your life through noticing inner nudges of discernment.
Individual Spiritual Direction | What are the expectations?
Since your spiritual and lived experiences are one in the same, what you would bring to individual spiritual direction are any matters that you would like to explore more deeply.
Group Spiritual Direction | What You Can Expect | Points to Keep in Mind
Similar to individual spiritual direction, the aim of group spiritual direction is to companion directees in the act of listening more deeply to the inner nudges of Spirit.
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Prevention & Protection Resources :: Local & National
Prevention and protection resources for both the Chicagoland area and Nationwide are accessible through this web page and by calling the numbers provided.
Tip Sheet: How to Choose a Bible Translation that Fits Your Needs
Tips on choosing a Bible translation that fits your spiritual needs and helps to develop your relationship with God.
Living Word Series | Fill Our Hearts, O Lord
From the Living Word Series | The Word of the Lord lives within us, changing us from the inside out. Colossians 3:16
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